Ductile Iron Foundry, Heavy Section Castings
Ductile Iron Foundry, Heavy Section Castings Ductile Iron Foundry, Heavy Section Castings

Ductile Iron Foundry Capabilities:
Fast Track Prototypes, AGI, ADI, CGI
Castings, Heavy Section Castings

Since 1967, Wellsville has produced quality castings,
including heavy section castings, for customers throughout
the United States.  We are a cast iron foundry with a broad
base of experience manufacturing standard ductile iron and
gray iron castings, as well as:

  • stainless steel castings
  • AGI castings
  • ADI castings
  • CGI castings
  • compacted graphite castings
  • spheroidal graphite castings  

Wellsville customers represent a broad range of industries,
including mining, food processing, material handling
manufacturing, aggregate/ asphalt, and steel mills. We are
a leading choice for castings that require high strength,
and exceptional abrasion resistance, and applications
where heavy section castings are required. We also serve
providers of bar, rod and wire finishing, and centerless
grinding, and, we offer expert fast track prototypes for
automotive components.   

We are distinctive as a ductile iron foundry that provides
expert loose pattern work, and is also highly proficient in
bench, cope and drag, floor, and squeezer molding.


Short to medium runs of:

  • Ferrous castings from 35 grams to 1,800 lbs,
    including heavy section castings


  • Custom alloy development to meet
    customer requirements.
  • Precise chemical control of every heat by
    optical emission spectometry.
  • Broadest range of materials for stainless steel
    castings, AGI castings, ADI castings, CGI castings,
    compacted graphite castings, spheroidal graphite
    castings, Ni-Resist castings, White Iron and
    Tool Steels. See our
    Alloys Guide.
  • Micro and macro metallographic analysis to evaluate
    case, grain size, grain boundaries, grain growth and
    crystalline structure, do phase counts or determine


  • Melt with 97 Inductotherm VIP 500 KW furnace
    with a 1,000 lb and a 2,000 lb vessel.


  • Medium- to heavy-section castings in green or
    air-set sand. Medium-section castings and Heavy
    section castings are a Wellsville specialty.
  • Wellsville is a leading manufacturer of short run and
    specialty castings, as well as fast track prototypes for
    automotive components. Customers as diverse as
    aggregate machinery manufacturers and fine art
    producers use Wellsville loose pattern capabilities,
    which often include non-conventional materials such
    as hardwood and Styrofoam, to achieve best results
    at lowest costs.
  • Bench and floor molding
  • Cope and drag
  • Limited squeezer molding


  • 3-D computer modeling and other advanced
    engineering and design capabilities
  • Outstanding craftsmanship in tooling, design
    and production


  • Heat treating and machining are available as
    part of any casting program.


  • As-cast items: 3 to 6 weeks – faster than
    the competition.
  • Engineered castings requiring additional operations
    (i.e. machining, heat treating, etc.):  Depending
    on quantities and complexity, we  consistently
    outperform our competitors by 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Rush orders: 2 working days for as-cast items,
    including heavy section castings,  if the pattern
    is already in our hands.


Ductile Iron Foundry, Heavy Section Castings
Foundry Capabilities
  OEM Quality Castings:
Replacement Parts
  Alloys: Standard,
Proprietary, Custom
  "I Need These Replacement
Wear Parts . . . Yesterday!"
Welcome Message
from Our President

Welcome Message  from Our President

Wellsville Foundry specializes in Ductile Iron Castings, ADI Castings, spheroidal graphite castings and CG Iron Castings. We are an Ohio foundry serving customers throughout Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and many in the south and southwest as well.

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  P.O. Box 424 • 18150 Fife Coal Road • Wellsville, Ohio 43968
ph: 800.487.7152 • fax: 330.532.3424